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Alright, so here I am. Back and ready to do some super cereal painting. I am calling upon anybody who has read the poem "Dante's Inferno" to help me with a little art project. Even if you haven't read it, it's pretty easy to Google the "9 Circles of Hell" or "Dante's Inferno". You can read it on the internet. For realz.

  My plan is to do a painting for each of the nine circles. That being said, the first I will be doing is the first circle, Limbo. This is the place for the people who have not sinned per say but turned away from god in some way, or have not been baptized... yadda yadda yadda. Kinda like me. I look forward to it.

  This is also the place where Minos Judges the damned for their sins by wrapping his tail around then a certain number of times in accordance to what sin you have commited. For example, he would wrap his tail around you 7 seven times for committing the sin of Violence toward someone... or yourself... or god, which would send you to the 7th circle of hell. Yeah, It's pretty intense.

For those who haven't read it or are too lazy to use your typing skills:

"There standeth Minos horribly, and snarls;

Examines the transgressions at the entrance;

Judges, and sends according as he girds them.

I say, that when the spirit evil-born

Cometh before him, wholly it confesses;

and this discriminator of transgressions

Seeth what place in hell is meet for it;

Girds himself with his tail as many times

As grades he withes it should be thrust down.

Always before him many of them stand,

They go by turns each one unto the judgement;

They speak, and hear, and then are downward hurled."

Actually, Minos is included in the second circle of hell in the poem but I want to include something else for the second circle. It makes much more sense for minos to be in the first circle... where he should be.

  So, here's where you sexy bitches come in. I need you to help me design what Minos should look like and your version of him. It's easy. Use your imagination. It's there for a reason. If you wanna make a little drawing, that'd be pretty cool. If not, just describe what you think he would look like. If you also have any other ideas you want me to include in said painting, like the background ect. let me know and i'll try to incorporate it. I will aslo be asking for your imaginations as I progress with the other paintings. I'm excited to see how they turn out! YAY TEAMWORK!

  I do encorage you to read the poem though. It's really awesome and full of gore and stuff. I think you'd really enjoy it.

**** I will post the paintings as I finish them. ****
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November 19, 2010


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